One unique aspect of Stoke Broker is our athlete connection. We foster a team of exceptional dreamers, planners and adventure artists that bring to the table ideas you’ll never find on a normal travel site.

We believe in a commitment to these individuals is paramount to our guests experience and we’ve committed to support and develop our athlete and guide community well beyond a transactional relationship. While most anyone can learn a skill and some may become exceptional, a Stoke Broker athlete is well versed in the power of adventure and the process of taking one through the steps to achieve that state of Stoke.

Stoke Broker Athletes are hand selected based not only on athletic talent and trip ideas, but also their interpersonal skills and complete commitment to sharing stoke with others. More than top tier guides and skilled instructors, they become lifelong friends, wilderness mentors and conduits to a tight knit community of adventurers around the globe.