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Our adventure design service is all about getting to know you and the experience you want to have. We design every aspect of the adventure, from the time you depart until you return, and present options and contingencies for every scenario.

Stoke Broker constantly seeks out uncommon and unique experiences — those rare life opportunities that can be impossible to come by without a little help. The result is the kind of whoop and holler you only hear on the most epic and memorable days.

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Private Island Adventure: Islas Secas, Panama

Guests at Islas Secas receive a world-class experience that connects them to the natural beauty and ecological abundance of Panama’s wild Pacific Coast. With 75% of the archipelago left undeveloped and a property that is 100% powered by natural energy, Islas Secas aims to create a model for sustainable tourism, combining exhilarating recreation and effortless luxury with a strong ethos if environmental stewardship and community support.

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Galapagos Safari Camp

Bordering the pristine lands of the National Park and nestled into the wild highlands of Santa Cruz Island. In the heart of the Galapagos Archipelago. This family-owned Luxury Camp is ideally located, private, quiet, and far from the crowds.

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Iceland by Yacht

There's no better or more luxurious way to explore all that Iceland has to offer than onboard a luxury yacht. This ten day itinerary starts in the metropolitan capital of Reykjavik, continuing on to the explore the glaciers, fjords, hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields of the Snaefellsness Peninsula and the Westfjords.

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Skiing Rugged, Unnamed Peaks in the Icelandic Highlands

The Icelandic Highlands is one of the most wild, remote places on the planet. It's a raised plateau in the middle of the island, populated with numerous volcanoes, vast tundra and glacier tongues sprouting from Ice Caps. This region is completely uninhabited, with only a few mountain refuges scattered across the land. This ski trip is for someone that wants to explore and be fully immersed in Icelandic nature and culture and access skiing via heli and ski touring.

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Remote, Rugged and Refined: Wyoming’s Darwin Ranch

The Darwin Ranch is a family owned and operated guest ranch located in an alpine river valley in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, across the Gros Ventre Wilderness from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The ranch sits on a 160-acre inholding at 8,200 feet, and is the most remote guest ranch in the Lower 48. Located at the end of a 22-mile gravel road, the ranch sleeps 16 guests and offers seven-night stays during the summer season, Saturday-to-Saturday.

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Montana Magic on the Smith River

Montana's Smith River is one of the West's most legendary fly fishing rivers. The river winds through a remote 60 mile corridor that is dominated by dense forests and rugged limestone canyon walls and can only be accessed by boat. It is strictly regulated by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest, which limit launches to ensure the pristine beauty of the canyon.

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Casa Yahri

At Yahri, the focus is on authentic and immersive travel experiences. In order to achieve this, visitors at Yahri become a part of the village. There is no better way to do this than spending a few days living in a private villa, becoming a "patiamarillo", as the friendly locals are known. Yahri is not a hotel. It is a carefully curated collection of private villas, all of them located in the "La Loma" neighborhood, the most exclusive zone in the village of Barichara.

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Cuixmala, Mexcio

Running alongside 5km of pristine Mexican Pacific coastline, Cuixmala is an extraordinary retreat. A place where the boundaries separating humankind from nature dissolve. Lush jungle and coconut palm groves roll into sweeping savannas and lagoons. Protected wildlife, from zebras to crocodiles, roam free. Sensitively interwoven with the natural landscape, terracotta dwellings emerge above the sea of green, acting as beacons guiding guests through the estate.

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Gem in the Rough

The Ruby Mountains in Nevada are an absolute gem. With 15 peaks above 11,000 feet of elevation the jaw dropping Rubies offer more than 200,000 acres of skiable terrain.

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Nunatak Nights

At 6,000 feet in elevation, the private chalet is as unique as the surroundings are breathtaking. Equal parts James Bond lair and high mountain camp, there's no other place in the world like it.

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Freediving & Spearfishing in Hawaii

Working with famed big wave surfer, legendary free-diver and spear fisherman and all around waterman Mark Healey, will give you  an insider's access to Hawaii's waters. Experience the ocean through a variety of  of formidable water activities including surfing, free-diving, spearfishing, deep sea fishing, sailing, underwater strength and breath hold training  for all skill levels.

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Island in the Sky

A 100 mile journey through time on two wheels. Exploring the slot canyons, ancient ruins, sandstone arches and desert in one of North America's most dramatic landscapes.  

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The Land and Sea Provides

Big Bay, New Zealand is a place where no roads go, it can only be reached via water or air. Experience world-class lobster diving, spearfishing, ocean fishing, snorkeling and harvesting local green mussels from the shoreline boulders. In case your schedule wasn't already packed, you can also fly-fish for brown trout in the river, search for Fiordland’s famous jade along the shoreline and hunt New Zealand Red Deer for fresh venison.

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Waters of Mount Mazama

A rafting trip down Oregon's Rogue River is family friendly and focussed on fun. Filled with wildlife, hiking trails, white sand beaches and beautiful swimming holes.  

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Road Trip Series: The Californian Condor

The Californian Condor Road Trip is a classic loop that begins and ends in San Francisco. You will cruise through a stunning amount of natural beauty: Lake Tahoe, Lassen National Forest, Mt Shasta, the Lost Coast, and as many redwood forests as you can handle. Volcanoes, lakes, beaches, waves, mountains and rivers, this dreamy loop has it all.

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Road Trip Series: Pearls of the Pacific Northwest

Discover the stunning beaches, mysterious old growth rainforests,  peaceful rivers, dramatic landscapes and incredible national parks and forests as you string together the pearls of the Pacific Northwest on this road trip. 

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Road Trip Series: Southwest Colorado

Colorado is a state packed with natural wonder. With four national parks and 41 state parks, there are countless trips to take to swim in its lakes and explore its trails. This route highlights Southwest Colorado including Great Sand Dunes National Park, San Juan National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

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Wind, Waves & Dust

A charming fishing village on the Sea of Cortez is a wind-seekers mecca. Consistent wind, wide open white sand beaches and warm turquoise water all add to the allure.

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100 Mile Miracle

100 glorious miles of whitewater, world class fishing, hot springs and scenic beauty. The Middle Fork of the Salmon is one of the world's best river trips.

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Fire & Water on the Blackfoot River

There's no place more magical than Big Sky country during summer. Wind down the Blackfoot River, white water rafting and taking in the ever-changing canvas of natural scenic beauty.

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The Gates of Lodore

Roam in the steps of the dinosaurs on this rafting trip down the Green River through the Canyon of Lodore. A remote and vast waterway that includes some of the most scenic desert canyons found in North America.

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River of No Return

Free flowing and full of history. The Main Salmon is a dreamy combination of warm water, large sandy beaches, fun rapids and incredible hot springs. Perfect.

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Harvest Series: Alaskan Float Trip & Moose Harvest

With an average height close to 7 feet tall and weighing in at around 1500 pounds, Male Alaskan Moose are absolute giants of the Alaskan Bush. Solitary creatures for most of their lives, Male Alaskan Moose thrive in hard to get to locations in the vast wetlands and river bush country in western Alaska. This makes combining a raft and float trip with the hunt an ideal way to harvest these beautiful giants.

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Harvest Series: Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn antelope make their home in the high desert plateaus and mountain valleys in Idaho. Seeing many animals every day is common. This is an economical hunt with the chance at a good buck. Spot and stalk and blind hunting are the methods we use to hunt these unique animals.

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Harvest Series: Rocky Mountain Elk

Iconic and majestic, Rocky Mountain Elk epitomize the enduring beauty found in the high country of America’s mountain west. Their impressive size and large distinguished racks are only matched by the wonderful flavor and heartiness of their meat. To successfully harvest a real Rocky Mountain Elk, a hunter must completely immerse themselves in the mountain landscape, remaining alert and camouflaged while moving through steep and rugged terrain.

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Harvest Series: Alaskan Dall Sheep

A mountain wonder, Dall Sheep call some of North America’s wildest, most rugged, least-hospitable and strikingly beautiful terrain home. Known for their fierce displays of head-butting, all white coats, and the large and artfully curved horns of mature Rams, this hunt is extremely strenuous and not for everybody. A true challenge of mountain hunting and a full-on alpine experience, earning the opportunity to harvest one of the 250-300lb males is an adventure of a lifetime.

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Shred the Med

A custom built 95’ sailing Catamaran, one of the largest in the world, is all yours.      

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From the Rainbow Rim to a Desert Oasis

Explore the remote trails along the wild North Rim of the Grand Canyon by mountain bike. Alpenglow in the canyon, dramatic sunsets and a luxury oasis with a private plunge pool round out the experience.    

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No adventure too big. No detail too small.

Adventure on your terms. We handle the coordination and fine details. Our guides lead you to the best trails, powder lines, and waves. Your job is to experience the profound and breathtaking moments that only peak adventure offers.

Whether you’re seeking an experience for your family, friends, company, or nonprofit, we’ll make it happen. These itineraries are meant to spark your imagination. Take the leap and we’ll dial it in to make it a personal, life-defining adventure.

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