Although January is the height of summer in Chile, please be prepared for inclement weather. The Futaleufu is located in a region of extreme possibilities. You can expect warm sunny days and cool, clear nights but occasional rain and even snow are not unheard of. So, when packing please bring warm clothes and a good rain shell.

The following is a descriptive packing list provided by the outfitter. There are variations on each of these suggestions and some are a bit over-kill but this should give you a good idea of what to pack.



•       Sun Hat

•       Sunglasses

•       Camel-Back/Platypus Hydration System: Esp. if you’re planning on mtn biking

•       Sneakers/Hiking Boots: There are great running/hiking trails around the camp

•       Bathing Suit

•       Rain Jacket



•       Loose fitting yoga clothes

•       Padded bike shorts: Nice for mtn biking and horse-back riding.

•       Wool/fleece sweater

•       Down jacket

•       2 or more pairs of wool socks

•       Two or more tee shirts

•       A pair of athletic shorts: Something to wear in/around the river that are quick drying

•       Two synthetic long-sleeve to wear underneath the paddle jacket

•       Polypro long underwear: These will keep you warm when they get wet, and they dry quickly.



•       Lotion and sunscreen: Not much Ozone left in the southern hemisphere so be prepared!

•       Toiletry kit: Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, lotion, bug repellent, medications, etc.

•       Headlamp

•       Water bottle, with optional carabiner to strap (so you don’t lose it in the water)

•       Small Pack Towel: Large bath towels are provided but having a personal extra is a bonus

•       Books for downtime

•       River footwear


•       Provided for you:

o   Wetsuits - but if prefer your own, feel free to bring it

o   Paddle Jacket – Also, if you prefer your own you are welcome to bring it

o   Bogs (thermal rain boots): In case it rains rubber boots are provided at camp for guests but make sure to bring wool socks