About Our Pricing

Adventure creation with Stoke Broker is a premium service. Our clients seek and expect unrivaled experiences that simply don’t exist in the traditional adventure travel marketplace. Often, this means blending peak adventure with luxury elements, or enrolling professionals who have made their careers exploring wild places. From thorough needs-assessment to flawless trip execution, each experience requires hundreds of hours to curate, and draws upon a hand-selected network of vetted outfitters, lodges, and partners built over the last two decades. 

Stoke Broker is a subsidiary of First Descents (FD) – a nonprofit that provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. As a cause-corporation built around impact and purpose, our fees drive profitability that advances FD’s inspiring mission. 

As such, our fees range between 25-35% of total trip costs, with additional surcharges that account for level of complexity and unique facilitation needs. Stoke Broker fees are in line with Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) industry benchmarks.

We acknowledge that our adventure creation services may not be suitable for many private and corporate travel budgets. Stoke Broker memberships (more info) provide a lower cost offering where our team provides a-la-carte adventure planning by the hour.

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