No matter what they do for work or how much money they make, every single one of them carries the dirtbag-vagabond-adventure-gypsy-wanderlust pixie dust in their souls. Personality is paramount. They crave and value new experiences and friendships found through pushing themselves. Curious and compassionate, they travel with wide eyes and open hearts, striving to live with a permanent sense of wonder and awe. Childlike, with an adult's awareness, they love the challenge and excitement of leaving their comfort zone. Dawn patrols and alpine starts, sleeping under the stars and in the back of their vans, howling at the moon, saying yes to a dare. Searching and working for those beautiful moments when everything comes together. Refusing to be categorized or commoditized, they know how valuable time is and don't plan on wasting any of it. We understand one another. 

Every year, we'll plan a series of custom adventures for our core. We'll go to our favorite places with our best friends. Always changing, these are the trips that define us, and inspire us. Once you're part of our tribe, we want to hear about your dream adventure. Then we want to make it a reality, cover your expenses, and pat you to lead the trip. Welcome aboard, mate.