Lower Grand Canyon June 1st - June 10th 2018

The lower section of Grand Canyon is not only beautiful, but it is also home to some of the more formidable whitewater in North America. Over the first few days of this rafting trip you will run some of the most famous rapids on the Colorado River. As you continue downstream, the big whitewater will be more spaced out, leaving many opportunities to explore off the river and soak in the quieter places. As if a final crescendo to an already spectacular trip, you will run Lava Falls on your final day on the water.


Your Travel Logistics


Arrival Day - June 1, 2018

  • Arrive in Las Vegas before 9:00AM for your 11:00AM shuttle. You need at least a 2-hour time buffer to account for possible delays flying into Las Vegas, grabbing your luggage, and if your flight arrives in Terminal 3, for grabbing a tram to get to Terminal 1.

  • 11:00AM - Las Vegas McCarran Airport (LAS) where you will board a bus at Terminal 1, Level Zero, for the 45-minute drive to the Boulder City Airport (BLD in Boulder City, NV.

  • 12:30PM - Charter Flight to Grand Canyon National Park Airport departs for South Rim, Grand Canyon – where you will stay the night before your trip.

  • Arrival at the Bright Angel Cabins on the South Rim.

  • 4pm Drop off your duffel at the Transportation desk, located next to the front desk at the Bright Angel Lodge.


Day 1 – June 2, 2018

  • 5:45AM – Meet in the lobby of the Bright Angel Lodge. A hiking guide will greet the group and hike with the group down the trail.

  • Your river guides will meet you at Pipe Creek Boat Beach to begin your river trip adventure.

  • Each day you will run exciting rapids, explore unique side canyons, be treated to delicious meals, and enjoy the majesty of the Grand Canyon.

  • Each night you will camp along the beaches of the Colorado River.


Day 9 – June 10, 2018

  • After breakfast, you will board a helicopter at Whitmore Wash for a flight out of the Grand Canyon to Bar 10 Ranch.

  • Depending on what time your trip finishes, you may have time to shower and stroll through the gift shop.

  • 11:00A- 12:00PM - You will board a charter flight for your return to Boulder City Airport.

  • 45-minute shuttle to McCarran Airport. If you require lodging in Las Vegas, you will need to book this!

  • If you plan to fly out of Las Vegas on this day, it is highly recommended that no flight reservations are made before 3pm.