the experience

Our adventure planning service is all about getting to know you and the experience you want to have. We ask about  the standard trip requirements such as where and how long, but also go deeper to understand the idiosyncrasies of your group to make each person feel excited and cared for. We design every aspect of the experience, from the time you depart until you return, and present options and contingencies for every scenario. It’s a multi-faceted, highly dynamic approach to trip planning, with each guest’s personal needs, desires and objectives taken into consideration. 

Stoke Broker constantly seeks out uncommon and unique experiences — those rare life opportunities that can be impossible to come by without a little help. The result is the kind of whoop and holler you only hear on the most epic and memorable days. 

Adventure Design Looks Like…

After flying into a remote river in Alaska to catch running salmon on a fly rod, you’re met with boats loaded for an overnight excursion to an uninhabited island to eat mussels from the beach, and fresh fish from that day’s catch in front of a giant bonfire. You wake up to catch waves on your own surf break with 19,000’ peaks looming in the background.

A group of 60 executives riding whitewater through a red wall canyon in Colorado, and on the still water sections a professional sommelier paddles to your raft to offer you a pour of a hand selected wine. In the evening you have a sit down dinner followed by a professional musician getting the campfire songs going.

While staying on the rugged north shore of Kauai, you lift off from a private landing zone in the most versatile helicopters on the island to travel with a local nature conservancy to a remote, rarely visited site to learn about their work and see the island in a way no one else will. 

A multi-generational rafting trip down the Salmon River, stopping at hot springs and fishing holes. The menu has been curated for the group’s favorite foods, and everyone’s favorite river-side drinks are there, complete with a battery powered blender to make pina coladas.