Cultivating adventure takes time, resources, knowledge and more time. At our highest level of service. We work closely with you, your family members and Personal Assistant’s to integrate travel and adventure in to your life at all possibilities. Through a thorough intake process and understanding of your travel schedule, we proactively suggest ideas that will fit in your schedule and fit in your style of travel and adventure. 

Each new member goes through a simple onboarding process to ensure we understand your dreams and desires for travel. While inspirational, these are also intended to make access to trips easier.

In addition, member gets connected with the “Inside Track.” Regardless of being on a Stoke Broker event, members are connected to our global athlete and ambassador network, providing a trusted local contact to help facilitate activities wherever you travel.


We believe that inherent to any good adventure is a sense of trust. At Stoke Broker, we work to provide complete clarity to our members on all fees, transactions and relationships. Invoicing includes a breakdown of each aspect of the trip so members are clear on exactly what they are investing in for their travel.

flat fee model

Once a member, Stoke Broker trips are based on a flat fee structure. This means each trip has a clear, single cost and any commissions or industry kickbacks are returned to the client. In this structure, regardless of trip costs, Stoke Broker’s fee remains set and allows us to focus on the best trip and not look at commission revenue as a deciding factor. Often saving our clients 20-30% of the total trip cost.




"Our trip to Patagonia was an unforgettable adventure. Everything was taken care of from plane to plane so all I had to do was enjoy...and paddle hard!"

- Mike Posner, Singer-songwriter / Poet


“After traveling throughout the world, I was beyond excited that Stoke Broker was able to curate and implement an Alaskan surf and fishing trip that, to this day, remains my most memorable travel experience. The authenticity, the people and the setting were all beyond words and expectations. I would highly recommend Stoke Broker to help guide a client looking for an experience of his lifetime!”

- Josh Behr, Sotheby’s International


"A good adventure is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences, and Stoke Broker has consistently delivered this - custom built, turn key and epic."

- James W., Philanthropist


“I’ve been on a bunch of trips to amazing places in the outdoors with a variety of outfits, but I have to say, the overall trip experience with Stoke Broker is unparalleled. The planned agenda has always been spot on (activities, people, accommodations, food/drinks, etc.), and whenever curveballs have come up (weather challenges, work schedule changes, adjustments based on interest, etc.) the response has been nothing short of mind blowing. Zero question in my mind: for the best outdoor trips of my life I definitely look to Stoke Broker!”

- Mark Juncosa, Space X