A Letter from our founder

My life is a result of adventure. All of my days have been rooted in and shaped by the call of wild places. Chasing the sun through snow-capped peaks; kayaking untamed rivers; tracking animals through the high country; skiing untouched mountain slopes; and sitting just beyond the break at sunset — these are the spaces and places that are integral to my being.

I’ve been lead to the best places and met the best people through this type of adventure and wandering. I’ve seen how the power of these experiences is rooted deep in our DNA. We lead more intentional lives full of purpose, passion and drive. We learn about ourselves and the world beyond us. Adventure creates the stories we tell that come to define us. It makes us better. It heals us.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate in my pursuit of adventure, and I’ve met some extraordinary folks along the way. And I think all of that is well worth sharing. It’s why I created Stoke Broker. We provide pinnacle, ultra-customized, unmatched adventure experiences built specifically for you, and deliver them to your doorstep so that all you have to do is say "yes" and the rest…. well, the rest is where it all begins.

See you out there,


Brad Ludden


Founded in early 2016, Stoke Broker is built on the back of decades of shared adventures and expedition planning. We are former guides, athletes, journalists, outfitters and business entrepreneurs that knew there was a better way to get away. It started as most good ideas, with a simple question from friends.

“You’ve done this, I trust you. Why don’t you put the trip together because you know what I like more than any travel agent could ever understand.”

We’ve been there when things go south, when trips get rained out, or the swell never shows up. That’s nature. But some of our best trips have been in those very moments, not because of adversity, but because of the human connections we shared and the value of finding adventure as it happened carried the day. And each time, we’d return home more fulfilled and yet simultaneously more curious about what was next. That’s the sense of Stoke we share with each other and with our guests.