Why Adventure?

Adventure is more than visiting wild places and Stoke is far greater than an elevated sense of happiness.

Pushing ourselves, externally with risk and internally with awareness, has profound effects on our capacity for joy, creativity, empathy, entrepreneurship and personal innovation.

Adventure is the deliberate process of expanding our boundaries, both internal and external, through activities that excite the soul and focus the mind.

Above all, adventure connects us to ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Facilitating deep friendships, a passion for nature and an enhanced understanding of our place in the vast web of life.

When we talk about Stoke, we look to the Webster Dictionary’s definition; To stir up; to feed abundantly, to increase intensity. It’s that point found beyond jubilation and giddiness; beyond fulfilled.

Adventure is the trigger for that bouncing in your seat, grinning from ear to ear Stoke that changes lives.



What We Offer

cultivated adventure

Exceptional, tailored experiences assembled through a network of “inside track” athletes and guides based around the globe.

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Facilitated daydream itineraries in your inbox every month. Concierge “inside track” local adventure connections wherever you travel. Full transparency booking and single, flat-fee cost modeling free of commissions or hidden agreements.

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corporate adventure

Customized, results oriented gatherings where personal and team development is embodied in dust, dirt, sweat and campfire tales at days end.

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